TAG Heuer Monaco Replica Watch Celebrates The Style Of The 1990s

The TAG Heuer Monaco Edition replica watch supposedly draws inspiration from the “straightforward street style” of the ’90s, with its modern gray dial that seems to have been modeled on the street itself. While I’m not a huge fan of the original, I very much like this grittier take on what is undeniably a sport classic.

This Tag Heuer Replica watch cased in a 39mm stainless steel housing with the crown on the left and pushers on the right, just like the original Monaco.This stark reduction of availability makes these already special dials all the more desirable.

The sweet red detailing on the dial, particularly the four curved right angles that create a red square in the middle of the dial, linking the logo, the sub-dials, and the dial text expertly, and tying the elements into the frame of the case. The Monaco is often lauded for being a circular watch in a square case. This Fake Tag Heuer Watch, however, is a much squarer affair, due to the way the gray dial pulls the square case into the design with it, and that central red square that is far more prominent in the mind’s eye than the subtle blue minute track.

This model is packaged in a dark blue box decorated with the Swiss Quality Fake Heuer logo and a horizontal check-pattern stripe. A red cushion surrounded by a gray interior completes the look. And holding the watch in place is a blue perforated calfskin strap with a red lining fastened by a truly gorgeous Heuer buckle in stainless steel.