AAA TAG Heuer Formula 1 Gulf Special Edition Watch Replica

This year we’ve certainly seen watches with bright colors and bold racing styles – more popular than others. To mark the gulf oil company’s victory in France in 1968, TAG Heuer replica watches will continue to take action with the launch of the TAG Heuer formula one gulf special edition watch. Appearing ahead of the le mans in 2018, the retro modernity is inspired by the design and color of the winning ford GT 40 and marks its 50th anniversary. Of course, the color scheme is reminiscent of the Monaco bay special edition watch, albeit at a fairly low price.

I must admit that I have a weakness for the TAG Heuer formula one team. CAU1111 (please Dial timing clock) is the first time I used “luxury fake TAG Heuer watches, until today I haven’t found a price I am willing to pull it – so I was a bit emotional ties to formula one racing history. I found the production line very odd, practical and interesting, and there were many price points to choose from and use different options and calibers. However, the simplicity and directness of the 2010 era quartz power equation remain the most attractive. There was an unfortunate drop in the direction of the collection, and in the last few years it has really been rejoined and nailed to death. Aside from the dazzling array of strange partners (David Guetta, what?) The series has seen a more unified design language, which helps the brand present a more coherent timepiece.

That said, let’s delve into the watch itself. The stainless steel case is 43mm in size. It adopts electric blue aluminum ring. The actuator is coated in black PVD, in stark contrast to the black subregistration pointer, but I don’t think these actually match the watch or gulf oil design. I think if they wanted to compare, they wouldn’t do any harm if they did it in blue. The back of the Swiss TAG Heuer replica watches is decorated with carved bay signs. The case is paired with a blue leather strap that matches the bay color with an orange pin and focuses on the brightest part of the dial, the dial.

This is not the first gulf oil watch (there have been some for years), and most of the watches have some form of gulf oil logo on them. The watch has the same elegant effect as previous models, but through color and design rather than obvious logos. The sun-finished blue dial has pale blue and orange racing stripes at 3 o ‘clock. The date window is located at 4 o ‘clock, and in an unusual event, I really like the design. Super-luminova’s packed application index stands in sharp contrast to other busy watches. Although I found all seemingly random dialing function have some harmony, but I can definitely see where people will find it confusing – especially when fingers over there at the right side of the dial. On the whole, the cheap TAG Heuer replica watch can make full use of gulf oil without overusing it.