Best fake TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02 watches online

Many of the big watchmakers have become the mainstay of the Basel world. One of the manufacturers was TAG Heuer, who made his debut at the Baselworld watch and jewelry show in 1934. Over the years, TAG Heuer has made headlines on a number of occasions with her great watch. Two years ago, TAG Heuer caught the attention of watch lovers around the world with its TAG Heuer replica watches Connected Android watch. Many see this as a Swiss competition for the Apple Watch. They made headlines again at the 2017 world watch and jewelry show in Basel – but this time they will be using more classic watches.

Many wonderful announcements are being made at the 2017 Basel horological and jewelry exhibition. TAG Heuer announced the 2017 watch line at the prestigious event, and there are many great devices to choose from. First, the new Carrera heuer-01 model has been unveiled in Basel world. The 43mm case is dark black, dark blue and cognac brown. Carrera heuer-01 rose gold is one of those luxury lovers, plated in 18K rose gold and looks incredible.Another watch for those willing to design for luxury on their wrists is the best fake TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02 watches tourbillon diamond, which has 68 diamonds on its rings. If that’s not enough, the “All Diamonds” version may be the version you want. As the name implies, in this version, diamonds are not limited to the watch rings but appear on the ear and strap.

The highlight of the 2017 Basel horological and jewelry show is the reborn version of cheap TAG Heuer Autavia replcia watches. The original version of the classic chronometer was released in 1962 and is known for car ICONS such as Mario Andretti. The 1962 edition is popular with collectors and can cost tens of thousands of pounds if you want it. The development of the reborn version was actually announced in the name of the “Autavia Cup” project at the 2016 international horological and jewelry exhibition in Basel. The final design of the new Autavia was put to a public vote, with more than 55,000 votes cast. The original prototype was unveiled to collectors at the end of last year and was eventually unveiled at the 2017 international horological and jewelry exhibition in Basel.

The new swiss TAG Heuer replica watch has been changed several times with the latest 1962 release. One of the most controversial changes is the size of the case – the original has a 39mm case, while the 2017 Autavia has a 42mm case. This depends in part on another change – from the manual chain core to the thicker automatic core. There is also a date window that may not impress purists! Finally, the 2017 Autavia is 100 metres waterproof – making it more practical than the original.