Fake high quality TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm watches

As early as 2015, TAG Heuer launched Carrera 01, setting a new direction for the famous racing clock. Carrera heuer-01 is very large, and appears to be a little bra and, rather than a streamlined black and white look, which shows the movement through a mostly transparent dial. But today TAG provides an evolutionary version of heuer-01, which has shrunk to a smaller size of 43mm.

When heuer-01 is first shown, it is sure to shock some people. Few people remind the classic 1960s and ’70s of Carreras retro fans, which are even far from the other existing Carreras, such as the 1887 model. Our technical editor Nicholas Manousos debut in wrist after a few months with the TAG Heuer replica watches carried on the thorough discussion, to delve into the TAG Heuer 01 so different and special details, I suggest you review. One thing to note, however, is that heuer-01’s price positioning – retail for less than 5,000 Swiss francs ($5,450 in the us), is intended to be a high-value product.

The new watch we are launching here today has a very large heuer-01 chronometer. They still have 12 parts modular enclosure (allowing the TAG to create multiple variations, but also can create massive components), they still have polishing ceramic velocimeter border, of course, their internal still has the TAG Heuer 01 movement. None of this has changed. Although the change is scale. The size of the original fake Carrera TAG Heuer-01 watch is 45mm, and so far, the other update dimensions of the series remain unchanged. The new watches are slightly less than 43 millimeters in size, and I really think they’re going to put them in a brand new audience.

There is no doubt that 43mm is still very large – these are not violet shrinkage – but it is accessible to more people at least. I know a lot of big fans still can’t stand the 45mm case. In other words, these are complementary to the series, and the 45mm model will not be anywhere (which means they may still be popular, I’m just crazy).

There are six new models. There is a blue dial version with a steel bracelet or a blue leather strap, a brown dial with a steel bracelet or a brown leather strap, and a black dial with a steel bracelet or a black rubber band. All three colors are equipped with ceramic borders and bright red embellishments and timing Pointers. One of the reasons for the 45mm in the original model is that it provides a lot of space to see the hollowed-out movement, and the new 43mm Carreras Luxury TAG Heuer replica watch still have plenty of room to do it.