Buy cheap and luxury TAG Heuer Monaco Caliber 12 LS replica

This TAG Heuer Monaco Caliber 12 LS replica watches with Monaco’s iconic design, and design for the 21st century. Monaco Calibre 12 LS timing clock with Monaco V4 new award-winning design, linear system with innovation. LS show the current seconds, 3 o ‘clock position with level display. Add another linear display, display the date and timing counter’s unique design, do you have an edgy timing clock, can into the next millennium.

For many collectors, TAG Heuer Monaco is all about. It’s all about Steve McQueen and iconic blue square dial, it issued the atmosphere in the 1970 s of the car. Since 2003, you have to buy modern TAG Heuer version of McQueen Monaco edition, this is a very faithful to the original replica watches in the 1970 s.But Monaco series is not only a design restoring ancient ways, because since 2004, luxury fake TAG Heuer watches has begun to blend in the shape of the Monaco modern… Now as in 1969 the TAG Heuer Monaco 1133 b as modernization. “New generation” Monaco series including V4, Twenty-Four, and the watch – the TAG Heuer Monaco LS Calibre 12.

Monaco watchcase do well, black plated stainless steel surface finish. Hand and tags also well cloning. The date of the 12 o ‘clock position window to match the original, but the original white to black. At 2 o ‘clock position of Good Tag mark and 9 o ‘clock timing mark is also very obvious. The rest of the AAA TAG Heuer replica is different from the original dial element, but you can get a small second hand at six o ‘clock. The second hand is because the engine is quartz (battery). Black crocodile skin imitation leather belt is of good quality and good folding, has now become a well-known standard fastener.

Although this TAG Monaco in the Tag line has the unique design, but it in luxury fake TAG Heuer watches the world and replicate watches are not a very popular product. Especially the LS than most other Monacos are poorly understood, but it made me very interested in because it has such a different dial. Less popular model is often difficult to find high quality, so be sure to pay attention to details and patience, to ensure that your research. Here are some more pictures, feel free to give me your idea.