TAG Heuer Replica Unveils Unique Monaco “Steve McQueen”

The TAG Heuer Monaco Replica is powered by Caliber 11 chronograph, one of the first automatic chronograph movements ever introduced. 6139. Although the chronograph movement is very important in the history of watchmaking, it is functional and worry-free.

The steel lever and spring of the chronograph mechanism are processed with straight lines and chamfers, the screw heads are flat and polished, the gears are processed with circular running-in, etc. Even the countersinks of the jewelry and screws are polished.

The Tag Heuer Replica bridge was replaced with a new bridge of significantly thicker thickness to accommodate the elegant, Art Nouveau engraving completed by hand, and then filled with black paint.

Despite all the decoration of the movement, the No. 11 movement in Monaco’s works still retains its original industrial characteristics. For example, the wire spring of the timing mechanism is still there.

In order to show off all the work done by the movement, a porthole was cut into the back of the Luxury Tag Heuer Replica Watches case and fitted with a sapphire crystal. The crystal on the front is original acrylic resin.