TAG Heuer Professional Golf Replica Watch

A nifty case design

The big news on the TAG Heuer Professional Golf Replica Watch was its case. Note the two buttons on either side and realize that the watch head actually clicks into a cradle-like case.

Folks, this watch has no buckle per se and that makes it incredibly comfortable when you’re slicing and fading your way to the flag. TAG also placed the crown at 9:00 to keep the crown from digging into the wrist.

Traditional copy watch snobs won’t like the use of a quartz movement in the TAG Heuer Tiger Woods Professional Golf watch. TAG chalked up the choice due to the movement’s shock resistance properties. That’s hard to fault.

A sapphire crystal along with Super-LumiNova ensures good visibility for those early shotgun starts. Finally, the Luxury Tag Heuer Replica has 50 meters of water resistance, which should see one through some country club poolside antics and 19th hole beverage spillage.