TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Tourbillon Watches Blue Dial

Just splash part of the Carrera Sport, part of the Carrera Tourbillon, blue, and you will have the new 2021 Carrera Tourbillon Replica Watch this is the first Heuer 02T model with a traditional dial instead of a Skeleton tourbillon/disk And become a classic dial.

This change in the dial is an important development. Although the skull-style dial paved the way for the modular Carrera Heuer 01/02, it is a pity that the tourbillon version of the Carrera version cannot be obtained through the traditional dial-we have always preferred the traditional dial with its excellent readability.

The latest Luxury Tag Heuer Replica Heuer 02T uses the same modular 45mm case as the other tourbillon models, this time made of grade 5 titanium, and has a ceramic fixed blue bezel.

But this is the beautiful blue star-shaped dial, the “USP” of the new Carrera. The crown, the top of the sub-dial pointer, the top of the central chronograph pointer and the anodized aluminum bridge also have blue highlights.

Heuer 02T is the flagship movement of Fake Tag Heuer Watches. It combines the internal Heuer 02 with the tourbillon adjuster to provide the most affordable tourbillon watch still available to the mainstream Swiss manufacturer. The movement is a certified chronograph with a blue oscillating weight.

Compatible with the titanium case is the titanium alloy H-Link bracelet, the only steel part is the steel buckle.