Swiss Quality Fake TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Watch Debut

TAG Heuer introduces a brand new collection of Autavia timepieces and solidifies the Autavia, once again, as a family of products that will continue to evolve within the brand — as opposed to occasional one-off or limited-edition models, which has been the case with the Swiss Quality Fake TAG Heuer Autavia name for a while now.

To prove the versatility of the Isograph carbon composite hairspring, TAG Heuer produces it in house and then puts it in a base Swiss automatic movement, which is the Luxury Tag Heuer Replica Calibre 5. The 4Hz, 38-hour power reserve automatic movement is given a host of new performance advantages, such as being entirely non-magnetic and unaffected by things such as changes in temperature.

All of the models feature ceramic rotating bezels, save for one SKU that uses a steel bezel that matches the look of the case. The Fake Tag Heuer Watches ceramic color options include blue, black, green, and dark brown. Those opting for the matching three-link steel bracelet will, for now, have to choose the blue or black dial model. Each of the dials has a “smoked” style to it, which is a bit lighter toward the center than the on the periphery of the face.

At 42mm-wide, the TAG Heuer Autavia case is well proportioned for many wrists, and the slightly larger-than-necessary crown is an intentional design choice meant to evoke traditional pilot watches. Even the rear of the case has a propeller motif on it, which further means that Tag Heuer Replica Watches isn’t at all sticking to the automotive legacy that many people know the Autavia for.

Over the dial is an AR-coated sapphire crystal, and the watch cases are water resistant to 100 meters, which makes them very capable daily sport watches. Those who opt for the bronze models with the green or brown color accents will, no doubt, have a Tag Heuer Replica watch that develops a patina, and those models have titanium casebacks in order to protect your skin from turning green. In addition to the leather straps and metal bracelets, TAG Heuer will include NATO-style straps with at least the versions of the Autavia watches that come on bracelets.