Grand Prix With Tag Heuer Replica Watches

Thousands of words have been written on the Carrera Calibre Heuer 01, a watch which goes into the “Hublot-lite” territory with gusto. A contemporary timepiece with the design language of a much pricier watch, it’s completely emblematic of the direction Tag Heuer Replica Watches is going in to appeal to a whole new audience base. Where the Monaco evokes images of a romantic technicolor racing heritage, this watch is the “now” as 2017 was TAG Heuer’s second year as partners with Red Bull Racing, which is about as long as the Heuer 01 has been released.

Note that the model I wore is the new, smaller 43mm version as opposed to the previous 45mm models. The two are basically the same apart from some black titanium carbide on the base of the pushers and the center of the case. The Tag Heuer Carrera Replica matte ceramic blue bezel is deep and attractive, matching the dial wonderfully. I’m also happy to report that the new date window between 3 and 4 o’clock is actually quite legible and easy to read.

While I prefer a bracelet to a leather strap 99% of the time, I have to say I was really enticed by the model on the leather strap. Perhaps it’s because the leather strap kind of softens the whole watch up a little bit. Alas, I wore it on the steel bracelet which still looked good.

Getting back to the event, I’ve never actually seen a crash during any kind of race. Fortunately, there was no serious incident during the race, though Pascal Wehrlein’s clash with Jenson Button was a notable exception. What was fascinating to Best Tag Heuer Replica Watches during the qualifying sessions was a minor crash where the front right wheel blew out. Nearly a dozen pit crew guys go onto the track during the race to pick up debris and secure the car to an attachment from a crane which lifts the crashed vehicle out of the race. You can see the visual representation of what I mean in the photos above.