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Today, TAG Heuer once again calls the swiss TAG Heuer replica watches legend a great masterpiece! MIKROGIRDER broke with technical conventions and revolutionized the clock movements. MIKROGIRDER in production, beyond the pendulum, Mikrotimer, represented a radical departure, and TAG Heuer has adopted three centuries of Christiaan Huygens pendulum prototype across the mechanical watch industry. TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER makes many technological leaps. The future development potential of timetabulation design and function, as well as TAG Heuer, is the leader from start to finish.

Real technology and design label Heuer embedded this mechanical engineering masterpiece into a new asymmetric chronograph design. The 12 point position of the crown was inspired by 1920 TAG Heuer 1/100 stopwatch, and the overall design is full of avant-garde. The irregular shape of the dial gives a wide viewing Angle, making it easier to read the table, while the dial’s unique design perspective shows how the state control system works. Looking back over the past 10 years, from concept sheet forming road, Monaco V4, Calibre 360, Monaco 24, Mikrograph 100, to the end of 2011, the latest strength Mikrotimer Flying 1000, TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER replica is undoubtedly a brand new concept wristwatch namely the future, a pioneer masterpiece of ultimate precision.

Tourbillon’s idea is to put the escapement frame (bracket) inside the frame around a pivot, which is a rotating 360 degree swing wheel. In this way, the original escapement mechanism is fixed, thus changing the static position of escapement mechanism when escapement mechanism is carried out, resulting in discontinuous error of escapement components; When the 360-degree rotation of the escapement mechanism stops, the azimuth error will be combined and offset to eliminate the error. luxury fake TAG Heuer watches are now generally 1, 360 RPM, which is the ideal speed.

The theory is that the Tourbillon watch is vertically positioned to compensate for the effects of gravity. In other words, when a clock is in a vertical position, the gravitational pull from its adjusting controller, the pendulum and the escapement spring, changes at each imperceptible speed. If the controller is installed with a “cage” that adjusts one lap per minute, a series of vertical positions can be obtained. This allows us to make very accurate clocks while walking, and complements each other’s errors. The TAG Heuer replica watches principle may seem simple, but implementing it is a different matter. One reason is that the “cage” and tourbillon should weigh no more than 0.3 grams or 0.013 ounces — the weight of a swan’s or two parrot’s feathers. Another reason is that 72 components are good, mostly handmade!